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Aleph Archives Standard delivery: Compliance and Performance




Aleph Archives Platforms help financial services firms monitor, capture, and archive web content to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements at all times.
Aleph Archives will help you leverage its features to work for you the way you need it most. You will be able to evidence change in your web content and prove when and how it happened.
Follow specific events and make sure your Disclaimer is systematically generated using our AI ALERT service.


Are you at risk?


Automatically create native format time-stamped records of your online content to meet record-keeping, financial promotion and disclosure requirements.
Free your creativity and boost your Advertising to adapt with consumer behaviour sophistication without risking your compliance because your content is monitored, recorded and safely archived in a legally admissible manner.

Asset Management

Are your web publications compliant?


Capture legally admissible records of your online publications content to prove promotions were clear, fair and not misleading.

Rely on Aleph Archives platforms for your daily compliance with our scalable and exhaustive capture to meet any regulatory investigations or customer complaint.

Public Sector

Protect your Integrity


Leading by example, is the best Motto for modern Government Agencies. Safeguard transparency and Integrity is vital for the Public Sector; notice all the efforts made in capturing, securing and preserving content.

We help all Preservation efforts made to benefit the public by providing state of the art solutions with On-permisses License and unlimited use. Universal web preservation is not a Monopoly anymore.


Are your Marketing Risks mitigated?


The Healthcare Industry is one of the most watched industries; they promote medical devices, pharmaceutical products, and nutritional products. Their online content can easily lead to compliance issues or complex litigations that come with a very high price tag.

Partner with us to address present and future needs.


Your online content is Crucial


The FMCG industry is highly exposed to numerous risks and obeys to strict regulations. All the actors are constantly expanding their online presence and need Aleph Archives platform to handle the fast pace of the Marketing teams while keeping an exhaustive and reliable archive to be used concurrently for Marketing (A/B testing, feedback analysis, competition monitoring, qualitative analysis, ...etc) and Compliance.

QoS is not a Feature, it's Aleph Archives Standard

Legally Admissible data collection

We collect metadata and source code, and place a digital signature and timestamp on all preservations, creating sound, reliable evidence that complies with any related regulation. The WARC files we generate are ISO 28500 compliant and can be exported and used by any eDiscovery platform.

User Adoption

Aleph Archives experience is reflected in our User Friendly platform where you can capture, store, organize, preserve, share, and export.

Aleph Archives has a platform to store, organize, preserve, share, and export.

Own and Manage your Data

We offer the possibility to capture and archive data on-premisses or on the Cloud; you own the data and you decide where and how you want to preserve it.

We offer the possibility to capture and archive data on-premisses or on the Cloud.