Financial Services

It's time to take the compliance burden away.

Aleph Archives Platforms help financial services firms harvest, archive and monitor web channels to meet regulatory requirements. Aleph Archives provides the Financial Services industry with the powerful ability to evidence change in web content and prove when and how it happened.
Many regulations request from the Financial Services firms to capture and retain compliant records of the financial promotions they publish.
Manual processing means risk of error, mistake, omission, …etc not acceptable as per the FCA, FINRA, SEC and MiFID II record-keeping requirements.
Aleph Archives solutions guarantee compliance, exhaustiveness, security, integrity, and retention of records, moreover, we provide financial institutions the tools to transform the burden into a powerful and rich database ready to create added value.

The archives are retained as per the clients requirements and comply with all current known regulations

A Service that compliantly captures and replays your web content.

The Aleph Archives Platform brings website archiving and social archiving together, ensuring your firm's communications are captured compliantly and accurately. We're able to automate the entire archiving process, storing immutable records of your digital content in a single archive you can access and replay at any time. We're trusted by global financial services firms to ensure record-keeping rules are satisfied and promotions captured.

Own the truth by capturing accurate and legally admissible records of web and social media content.

With the Aleph Archives platforms, you will be able to archive websites in a form that’s timestamped, WORM compliant and immutable. Access and replay all your archives in a blink of an eye.